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Willie Lynch letters

Have you all ever read Willie Lynch’s letters? I think its very important for black people my age to really take a look. It really shows how proactive these guys were in psychologically breaking the Africans that they enslaved. It is also very relevant today.

For example, he speaks of Africans like they are animals and compares breaking them to how horses are broken, and using physical characteristics to put the light skin slaves and dark skin slaves against each other. You all really should check them out. Link below.


My mommy Shante shared em with me. I love her. She has sexy hair.

A Wednesday post is coming.. on, well Wednesday. LOL. Not sure what topic I’ll tackle. Any suggestions? I may talk about the stuff white people do that shows that they don’t have enough problems. That’ll be one for strictly laughs tho. You know how people get. Anywho. House is on and its storming. I’m scurred.

Peace, yall.