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“Every nigga that gets locked up ain’t Mandela.. ”

Whats up yall? Hope this Hump day finds you Happy and Humped.

Today I’m going to talk about how we get real tolerant of certain crimes when they’re singers, actors or athletes.

The latest figure that I guess inspired this week’s topic is the crew at Penn State. While Paterno wasn’t involved in any of the abuse, he did know and therefore got fired. I wasn’t surprised that “JoePa” knew about abuse or that he didn’t tell anyone, I’m surprised that hundreds of students got mad enough to go riot. I love sports.  I go to UofL so I know how important college sports are… but if Charlie Strong was caught doing something like Sandusky was, I’m not rioting for his job just because he wins football games. He abused a child…

Are sports more important than the mental and physical well being of children in that community? At what point do we say ‘ok, enough is enough.. i’m a fan, but that sh-t was fucked up’… Sandusky was a grown ass man butt naked in the shower with a CHILD. JoePa new about it and tried to cover it up. We know the reasons for him covering up were selfish but what if he had gone and told? His legacy would look ALOT better right now, #imho

Example #2.

Chris Brown. He fucked Rhianna UP. Her face was horrible when he got done with her. That nigga twit pic’d his domestic violence class certificate and bitches was all proud of him. #noand! Chris has plenty of female fans Rhianna’s age and younger and all of the sudden people learn what forgiveness is when he beats her like she’s a man? I’m a Christian so I do believe in forgiveness and second chances, but we also believe in consequences to actions.

Rihanna's face after Chris

I enjoy Chris Brown’s music. My vagina called his name when he did that performance with Ciara on the BET awards. But what he did was wrong and forgiveness should’ve been WAYYY delayed. Too many excuses were made for Chris and Rhianna took wayy too much of the blame. The fans should’ve been able to identify with Rhianna more than with Chris… and THEN when he threw a temper tantrum on Good Morning America? What a big baby! THATS when I knew we had let Chris off the hook too soon.

Who’s a good third example…

We could talk about all these rappers that we trying to ‘free’. It was Boosie’s birthday yesterday. #FreeBoosie popped up on my newsfeed and time lines once again yesterday. There are a few problems with these rappers who get locked up… You have money and influence, why’re you still doing broke nigga shit? That’s the thing. You hafta take the hood out of a nigga, while taking that nigga out of the hood. I’m digressing…

Futhermore, these niggas break the law. Wayne, T.I. and Boosie all broke the law. What about those of us who know people in jail that have been wrongly convicted, or those of us who have had friends murdered and their murderers didn’t see any consequences?  As a part of both of these groups, I think its offensive to scream Free Boosie when he was involved in someone’s murder, and when I have a close relative in jail right now simply because he could’t afford a good attorney.

We have to think about what we support when we continue to support people who have murdered, abused children and men who’ve beat women. What is that saying about what we’ll tolerate? Murder’s cool long as it isn’t one of my friends. Fuck all the little boys you want as long as you have a successful football program. Beat ya girl all you want as long as you can dance…

Wrong is wrong is WRONG!

Yall have any other examples for me? What about females that we elevate and tolerate just because they’re attractive? Kim K, Amber Rose? Flood my comments!




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