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#CarrieOn 30-Day Poetry Challenge

April is national poetry month. I don’t write (creatively) as often as I like to so I came up with a 30-Day poetry challenge. We’re going to write 30 poems in 30 days starting April 1. Follow @CarrieAmanda7 on instagram for daily challenge photos. Here is the complete list so you can get prepared. Hashtag: #CarrieOn30

  1. The Beginning of Something: Write a poem about the beginning of something, anything. The beginning of a song, a movie, a relationship, a conversation… etc.
  2. A Haiku: a form of traditional Japanese poetry. 3 lines. Line one has 5 syllables, line two has 7 syllables and line 3  5 syllables. Write a Haiku about something small but powerful
  3. Something that frightens you: I’m very claustrophobic. My poem will be about being trapped in a small space. *Shudder*
  4. A Conversation: a dialogue, a series of tweets, facebook comments, text messages or a face-to-face conversation.
  5. Extreme Weather: describe an earthquake, hurricane, tornado or any other form of extreme weather
  6. Waiting for something: describe the thoughts you have while waiting for something you desire.
  7. An Apology: write an apology that’s owed to you or that you owe to someone
  8. Traveling: away from home or back home, write about what you see on the journey
  9. Three Wishes: you’re Aladdin and you’ve just rubbed the magic lamp. What are your 3 wishes? No rules.
  10. A Tanka: Similar to a Haiku with Japanese orgins but with 5 lines. The syllables are as follows 5-7-5-7-7
  11. Your favorite color: Mine is green. Choose one color if you have multiple faves.
  12. After Death: Write about what you believe happens when we leave our body
  13. A Season: The title of this poem is either “Summer”, “Winter”, “Spring” or Autumn”
  14. Something that makes you angry: What makes you fighting mad?
  15. A first date: Write what goes on in your mind before, during an after a first date. Make it funny.
  16. Giving Directions: Write a poem giving directions on how to do something or how to get somewhere. “Take a left at that light”
  17. Something _______: Write a poem entitled “Something (blank). Something crazy. Something strange. Something new. Anything.
  18. Family: Write about your role in your family. Are you the baby? The first to go to college?
  19. “Imitate” one of your poetic peers: I’m writing my version of “CREAM” by B. Shatter or “Top Ten” by Lance Newman aka “Mr. Spread Love”
  20. A Sonnet: 14 lines and a (not so) strict rhyme scheme: Can be either Italian or English style.
  21. The struggle to wake up or go to sleep: “Why am I awake?” Or.. “UUGHH I don’t wanna get up”
  22. Use every letter in the alphabet at least once: “The quick onyx goblin jumps over the lazy dwarf.”
  23. At least 100 words: Write a poem of at least 100 words in 10 minutes or less using the word “Speed.”
  24. Bars: Write a poem/rap to the beat of a current main stream rap song. The more ratchet, the better.
  25. Erotic: “bow chicka wow wow…”
  26. Use the following words: Exquisite, visit, glisten
  27. An inanimate object that is important to you: I will probably write about my cell phone
  28. An acrostic poem using your first name
  29. Flirting: You see a fine young tender and you’re trying to convince them to go on a date with you
  30. The End: The end of something, anything. End of a movie, end of a relationship, end of a roller coaster.

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