#MusicMonday #3 on a Tuesday

My bad my bad. I had an event this weekend and yesterday I had to spend all my energy to stay awake. This #MM is going to simply highlight 3 albums I’m listening to.

Travis Greene – The Hill. My sister little Elisabeth recommended this for me. (Yall know I gotta ask the chirren what to listen to) I’m an old school gospel head, this is contemporary. But I love it. It’s wonderful content and music. He kind of sounds like Mali Music. Check out the youtube playlist below. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of it, I’m listening via Spotify. Favorite track : “You Got Up”

Prince-HitnRun Phase 2.

In Beyoncé fashion, Prince released an album and slayed my life and didn’t tell nobody. It is exclusively streaming on Tidal, so yes. I downloaded yet ANOTHER music streaming app and happily forked the $11/month over. Prince is a good music machine. I hope he goes on tour. Dope project. Prince old enough to be my daddy but, honey. prince

Keyvoko –Pen and Paper

I may be biased cause this artist is one of my best friends. But the lil nig can make good music, and I appreciate it cause if your friend makes bad music it embarrasses you cause you still gotta support it? Anyway.


Pen and Paper is his latest project. “Good Love” is my favorite track on this project. I had the privilege of sitting in the studio with him while he was building this track. I like this one cause it’s very 90’s. I heard it was about me. But I ain’t one to gossip so you ain’t hear it from me. Click on the picture to listen.

Thus is Music Monday. Thank you all for your support. Share this blog with your friends. I’m quitting my day job in 2016. So yall need to read so I can eat.