#MusicMonday 2: “Cool for the Summer” Demi Lovato & Erykah’s new mixtape

Welcome to the 2nd installment of #MusicMonday! Leave it to my ratchet friend Bri to choose this rape-ey ass song by Demi Lovato for me to analyze. I play the song and get ta shoulder poppin’ I’m like ‘ok, this is cute’ Here’s when it got scary.

“Got my mind on your body

And your body on my mind

Got a taste for the cherry

I just need to take a bite

Don’t tell your mother (huh?)

Kiss one another

Die for each other (BISH WHET?)

We’re cool for the summer”

One, you don’t take a bite of a cherry. You eat a cherry or you don’t. Cherries are too small to bite like an apple. Two, if we’re talking about the slang meaning of cherry, you want to take somebody’s virginity, Demi? A woman’s virginity? And if we just ‘cool for the summer’ I’m certainly not dying for you, I ain’t Jesus of Nazareth.

And then, she was like ‘don’t tell your mother’ and it got reeall Special Victims Unit. If you hunching somebody and you tell them not to tell their mother, they are too young to be engaging in sexual activity if they need they momma’s permission and you are too old to go there with ‘em, R. Kelly.

Verse 2

“Even if they judge …. I’ll do the time”

What Demi?! I’d like to sit down with her (or the songwriter) and ask her exactly what she meant in this whole song. Cause that line sound like you willing to go down to the jail to be with somebody that’s too young and I want better for you, Demi.

My homegirl that chose this song told me that this song is about Demi’s bi-curiosity and I ain’t buying it. Demi need to find a nice young lady that’s her age and come up out the Disney channel studios. It’s one thing to want to be with a woman, it’s ANOTHER thing to want to be wIith a girl! Demi is juuuuuuust old enough for it to be considered statutory. Get you an ole stud to show you how they do it over the rainbow.

erykah-badu-but-you-caint-use-my-phone-stream-mixtapeNow for Erykah’s new mixtape. My birthday and Christmas came early this year! I like Erykah Badu because she’s a true artist… very out there, but definitely still a home-girl. I would LOVE to talk to her about the creative process of this mixtape. Did she listen to “Hotline Bling” remix it and then they decided to just do a whole mixtape about phones or what?

I love mixtapes. I love how they have evolved since the start of Hip-Hop. That’s a different blog for a different day.

Interestingly enough, the first single of this song is a remix of last week’s #MusicMonday “Hotline Bling” Badu’s adaptation is called “Cel U Lar Device”. I like what she does to the track, she makes it her own while still keeping the original ‘bounce’ of the record.

Another song I really enjoy is “Phone Down”. Very smooth track, and I don’t know if this was the intent but it really makes me want to twerk. Like it I was a stripper, this would be my intro track… and the concept of being able to make a millennial like myself put their phone down is intriguing. Food, sleep and rolling up is like the top 3 reasons I’d put my phone down for a few minutes. Such a shame. I digress.

My last thought on BYCUMP… I love that 3stacks was able to come and collab with her. Good that mature exes/co-parents can work together. Cause my momma and daddy, chile.

Thus is Music Monday.

Thank you for your continued support. Mean it!



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2 thoughts on “#MusicMonday 2: “Cool for the Summer” Demi Lovato & Erykah’s new mixtape

  1. Haha… Nice song review… I love Demi though to think of her as a pedophile! 😛

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