#MusicMonday Hotline Bling

Welcome to the newest segment in #CalmCarrieOn. #MusicMonday. Every Monday I’ll analyze a song of your choosing and let you know what I’m listening to.

Hotline Bling

“I know when that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing.”

I did like this song when it first came out; definitely liked it when Drake did that cute video for it. It’s catchy, repetitive and I can swing my dreads to it. What’s not to love right?

Around the 37th time the radio played it, I started listening to the words and I realized that the song was about a girl who was simply living her life. She used to hotline bling Drake, he left the city… She moved the hell on.

If this is when you say “Carrie, it’s not that deep”, you can go ‘head and stop reading. We use our brains on this blog. We don’t mindlessly listen to music and repeat what we hear, especially when the messages are problematic. If you don’t want to use that part of your brain today, go down the hall, take a left into that room full of chairs and have several seats.

I want to be a fan of Drake. He makes (some) good music. But he keeps doing side-eye-able stuff. One, he’s a UK Fan like he was a student at the college or like he’s ever lived in Lexington, KY. He likes UK more than I like UofL and I spent 5 years there and wasted thousands of dollars on a degree. Like, don’t be a grown man following around teenage basketball players. That’s not cute.

But that has nothing to do with the music, I digress.

This song is problematic because the young lady Drake is singing about isn’t doing anything but living her life. A lot of songs today have some real millennial-fxck-boy-shxt going on. Let’s look at some lyrics shall we?

“Ever since I left the city you..

Got a reputation for yourself now

Everybody knows and I feel left out..”

Aubrey, you left the city. God knows what you was doing on the road, I gotta sit around and wait for your yellow ass? You mad because I have an identity outside of you? Girl.

“Ever since I left the city, you

You got exactly what you asked for

Running out of pages in your passport

Hanging with some girls I’ve never seen before”

So while you out getting YOUR passport stamped, I gotta stay at the house? And girls you’ve never seen before? Drake. We didn’t go together. We hotline blinged. You don’t know my friends.

“These days all I do is

Wonder if you bendin’ over backwards for someone else

Doing things I taught you getting nasty for someone else…”

Drake, lets be serious. You were the student in our transaction. I had to hold you while you cried for 20 minutes after I got your love I so desperately needed. Besides, Yeezy taught me. Don’t sing all sweetly when it’s REALLY just about sex. You ain’t gotta lie to kick it.

But seriously, I think the content of these songs carry over into our personal lives and we think that it’s acceptable to live like that. We also keep coming to this double standard we have for men and women. A woman is supposed to be Clair Huxtable while you’re Bishop Don Juan and then at the same time she’s supposed to be Super Head in the bedroom. I’m tired of women being demonized for living their lives outside of the coverture of a man. Drake never mentioned a committed relationship in this song. So, why shame a woman for doing exactly what you’re doing? #MillennialFxckboyShxt, I tell ya.

Anywho, what I listened to today. I checked out Logic’s new album. My homeboy mentioned it and I hadn’t heard of dude… but his flow is AMAZING.


Thus is #MusicMonday1

What’s the next song i’m analyzing?


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