Starbucks RedCup-gate


I keep telling yall white people have lost their mind and yall don’t hear me. (Joking. I love white people.)

Saturday night, self proclaimed ‘social media personality’ Joshua Feuerstein posts on Facebook “Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus”. It went viral, chile.

My friends got ta tagging me in posts about this fiasco because they love to upset me. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and I was getting ready for the upcoming week. Meaning, I was laying in bed after church and waffle house watching family guy.

Feuerstein says that “political correctness” was the reason the cups were just plain red this season. Jeffrey Fields, Starbucks’ VP of Design and Content said ‘simplicity’ was the reason.

Starbucks released a statement that said they took “a cue from customers who have been doodling designs on cups for years… so this year’s design is… inviting customers to create their own stores with a red cup that mimics a blank canvas”

(Amazing marketing technique, Starbucks. Your coffee is mediocre and now I want to go buy some so I can draw on a cup. I ain’t though, I have my own redcups and I ain’t putting coffee in ‘em. Hehehe.)

Then TODAY, I see all these white people on the gram with red starbucks cups that say “Merry Christmas” on them. Yall went and bought up all their coffee and gave them free advertisement on the world wide web… Gee! Yall showed them!
Screenshot_2015-11-09-20-04-16The fact of the matter is, Starbucks has never had Jesus, the 3 wise men, Mary, Joseph or John the Baptist on their cups. When they started changing their cups for the season, Santa was the first person on the cup.

I’m a Christian so I feel the need to speak out because these articles say that Christians are upset and I’m not. As a young black Christian, I don’t give a solitary… hoot about Starbucks cups and I’m offended that a fool like Joshua Feuerstein is the face of American Christianity this week. In an attempt to redeem Christians I will offer my views.

  1. Christmas wasn’t originally a Christian holiday. Jesus wasn’t born on December 25. (You think Shepherds was watching sheep in the field BY NIGHT in December? Chile… you a lie). So White American Christians don’t “own” Christmas because they didn’t start it. White people. America is not yours. Christmas is not yours. You stole it like you steal everything. Being mad about Starbucks red cups is kind of like stealing a country and being mad at immigrants.
  1. Speaking of white people… Isn’t it interesting how they act when they feel like they may not fit in? White Jesus Christmas is no longer ‘mainstream’ (according to Starbucks anyway) and they are up in arms! As a black woman, I have no sympathy for a white dude upset because Starbucks cups don’t have any snowflakes on them this year. Walk a day in my shoes, Joshua. How am I supposed to feel about the white woman on the Starbucks cup all year ‘round? I have NEVER fit in. My culture, traditions, skin, hair, booty, music has always been considered ‘other’. It’s exhausting. But it isn’t the end of the world, dude.
  1. Christmas isn’t really about Jesus in the first place. Christmas trees, spiked eggnog, Rudolph the red nose reindeer and giving each other presents in no way lifts up the name of Jesus or draws people to Christ. It’s a commercial holiday. Some of us just happen to go to church during it. My argument is that REAL Christians hold up the blood stained banner 24/7 and celebrate Jesus all year ‘round. He’s been too good for me to wait until December to celebrate his birth. Amen somebody.
  1. Starbucks is not Starbucks Baptist Church. They make coffee. Josh acts like Starbucks told him they were going to put a picture of WhiteBabyJesus coming through Mary’s birth canal on the cup every year. It isn’t Starbucks job to spread the gospel. It’s YOUR job, Joshua. It’s our job, Christians.
  1. This is ANOTHER excuse (like gay marriage and abortion) for lazy Christians to be in an uproar and not do anything. Why not buy a bunch of homeless people coffee and hot chocolate? Joshua went in Starbucks with his gun (because Starbucks hates the 2nd amjoshua fendment) and his Jesus T-shirt and bought himself coffee and pointed NOBODY to Jesus Christ. Joshua could have went in Starbucks, bought a couple of cups of coffee, gave one to some homeless people outside and prayed with them or pointed them to a homeless shelter or bought them some food. That’s ministry. Joshua isn’t making noise about Starbucks because of Jesus. Joshua is making noise because of Joshua.


There is no war on Christmas or Christianity in America. I went to church yesterday like I have every Sunday for the past 26 years. I sang and shouted about Jesus until my voice was hoarse and nobody killed me or even tried to. As a matter of fact, law enforcement was there to protect my right to do so. There IS a war on Christianity in the world but it’s not in America.

It’s not far-fetched for a Christian to have a problem with Starbucks though, they do profit off of prison labor. If you chose not to patronize Starbucks because they use prison labor (largely black men) to package their holiday coffee, I’d get that. There’s plenty of times in the bible where God proclaims His love for justice and urges us to pursue it as well. There is nothing just about a corporation profiting off very cheap labor provided by a privatized prison industrial complex.

As a Christian dare I say I am more troubled by black men working for pennies a day to package Starbucks coffee than I am by Starbucks using plain red cups this holiday season? because I am.

Ghandi said “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians; they are so unlike your Christ.”

I feel you Ghandi.


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