Christianity and Halloween: An Analysis

Every year around this time I entertain the thought of being a Christian and celebrating Halloween. I’m not big on most holidays cause who needs an excuse to do hoodrat things with your friends and family? Not I. Anywho, this is just an analysis on whether or not I’m going to hell for dressing up this weekend. I did research. You’re welcome. (Feel free to fact check, chile.)

Growing up I heard a lot of church folk say that they don’t celebrate Halloween because it’s a ‘Pagan’ holiday. As a kid I always wondered who these Pagan people were and why they were so bad. Paganism is a term that European Christians used to describe other religions. It’s usually derogatory.

Biblically it refers to Ancient Romans and Greeks who were polytheistic they served multiple gods. I’d argue that Simon was pagan before he became Jesus’ homeboy. In Acts it says he practiced magic. Also, the 3 Hebrew boys refused to serve a pagan god, an idol if you will.

The history of Halloween like most holidays is very layered. Bear with me as I try to give it to you in a nutshell.

Sacred Origin

Halloween, like Christmas finds its origins in the church taking a secular holiday and making it sacred. Around the eighth century the Catholic Church decided to use November 1st as All Saints Day. The local pagans were already turnt on that day so it kind of made sense. All Saints Day became a festival to honor any saint who didn’t already have their own day.  

The mass or church service that happened on All Saints Day was called Allhallowmas – A mass of all those who are hallowed… The night before became known as All Hallows Eve.


Secular Origin

The secular origin of Halloween is a Celtic holiday called Samhain and is the New Year. It marked the end of the Harvest Season and the beginning of winter. Also, ancestors are honored during Samhain. Your dead ancestor may come from the other side and communicate with you. This is probably the point where Christians were like ‘no, I’m good bruh’

As a kid my mom let my little brother and I dress up and go trick-or-treating. The church/pastor did preach against Halloween and we did have “Hallelujah night” where we could dress up as a non-scary/demonic character and get candy. We were supposed to do this instead of Halloween according to the church folk but we did both.

I don’t have any children. If God blesses me with some, I will let them dress up and go trick-or-treating. Likewise, we’ll participate in the church’s celebration if there is one. In my humble opinion I don’t think it’s fair to not let children do Halloween. You can’t expect a 6 year old to understand/accept not dressing up as their favorite character and going around the ‘hood to get candy especially when all their peers are.

Plus if my kids are as black as me (which is very likely), they’ll run the risk of being thrown across the room by a white punk ass police officer for no damn reason so I want them to be able to have fun and be children for as long as they can. They don’t get to be kids as long as their white counterparts do. The innocence of a black child is on a very short timer. So yes, my kids will dress up however they want and get all the candy.

I don’t think there is any harm in our current celebration of Halloween because it has evolved into something else. If we as Christians aren’t going to celebrate/observe Halloween because of its “pagan” orgins, we then cannot justify celebrating Christmas or Easter. All 3 of these holidays are the church’s adaptations to cultural/secular holidays. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking that cultural liberty.

Likewise if you chose not to celebrate/observe Halloween I believe it is your responsibility as a parent to explain to your children the reasons. I remember as a kid asking my friends who didn’t get to trick-or-treat why the hell not and they didn’t know.

I think that some insecure people use every single holiday to elevate themselves, honestly. For what other reason would you parade around talking about ‘WE don’t celebrate Halloween/Christmas/Easter’. Good for you. Your raggedy life plus not celebrating holidays will not get you an advanced ticket into heaven.

“… Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

For you, this may mean choosing not to celebrate Halloween and other holidays. That’s fine. But if you’re elevating YOURSELF in doing so, you’ve completely missed the point.

I plan on eating my weight in candy corn and Reece cups, dressing up as a nurse and going to my friend’s party. The church I attend in town is having ‘Super He Roes’ weekend where you dress up as your favorite super hero. I’m going as Super Woman. I chose to participate because whenever there is a ‘theme’ at church those in charge of ministry always incorporate it into something relevant. Yall KNOW I’m conservative when it comes to the church. My granddaddy will be turning over 7 times in his grave though.

Whatever you chose to do have a safe and blessed weekend. Thank you for supporting my blog, please continue to read/comment and share. You will be picking topics soon 🙂


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