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Reflections on #Carries25 [25 things i’ve learned in 25 years]

I turned 25 this week. God is good. Here’s 25 gems from the bosom of Carrie. Enjoy.

  1. Jesus is LORD! He was wounded for my transgressions, bruised for my inequities… the chastisement.. *RUNS*


  1. Christianity is wayyyy more than going to church every Sunday. Prayer and studying the scripture DAILY is important for anybody that calls them self a follower of Christ.


  1. There’s an African Proverb that says “Don’t pray without moving your feet”. You praying for a job but haven’t filled out any applications? Faith without works is dead.


  1. I’m not going to hell if I don’t go to church or can’t afford to pay my tithe. Jesus died and there’s no curse. I’m happy to go to church and pay my tithe because he died. I don’t do these things to get to Heaven. Thanks Pastor Vic.


  1. MOST relationships have expiration dates. Not everybody is supposed to be around forever. It doesn’t even have to end in beef. People grow and people change. Embrace it!


  1. My mom said “You’ve got to work to work”  You may have to get you a 9-5 while chasing your dream. I was chasing my dream with no 9-5 and I was broke. I got a 9-5. I’m still chasing my dream. My bills is paid #doe.


  1. Friendship and Business are two things best left separate. I messed up a lot of money this year trying to keep friendships intact.
  2. There are 2 kinds of people. Talkers and Doers. Talkers don’t do enough and Doers don’t talk enough. I’d rather have a Doer on my team 7 days out of the week though.


  1. You must stand up for what you believe in. People will appreciate it. Others will be threatened.



  1. Don’t internalize things people say about you. The past month I’ve been called ‘disrespectful’ and ‘venomous’ about a couple of disagreements (Bill Cosby & Mike Brown). I ALMOST internalized it until I realized who was talking to me. I think this is about what the ‘turn the other cheek’ scripture is about. Some people have to tear you down to build themselves up. Don’t let that get you down. They’ll still be miserable at the end of the day.


  1. I don’t have to show up everywhere I’m invited. I be tired.


  1. Change is rarely peaceful.


  1. Barack Obama has had a rather successful Presidency considering… He’s still black though so that’s why the GOP being monkey. Pray for our President and his family, ‘cause I feel like Mother Robinson will go off.


  1. We’re lenient with people who entertain us. Knocked your wife out and drug her out of an elevator? Raped dozens of women? It’s cool as long as you’re an athlete, actor or musician. It’s rather disgusting.


  1. In matters of race and sex. Our tendency is to blame the person of color and the woman. As a black woman, the shit’s rather exhausting. I feel like Will Smith in iRobot sometimes, like I see something everybody else doesn’t see.


  1. It’s usually HOW you say it moreso than what you say. Something my mother has been trying to tell me since I was 8 years old. It only took 15 years for me to get it J


  1. It is important to have guilty pleasures. RHOA, POLA and Ying Yang Twins are among mine.


  1. Proper sleep requires that your mind winds down. I usually play Sims to wind my mind down. You won’t sleep well if your mind is still going a mile a minute.


  1. It is important to proactively educate yourself. ESPECIALLY if you’re going to have an opinion.


  1. Cluttered space. Cluttered mind. Clean your car and room, Carrie.


  1. You must support as much as you ask for support. I live in a city with a great music scene. I’m a part of a wonderful company that manages artists and puts on events. Local artists that have never had a conversation with me or came to my event have sent me their music to listen to or tagged me in a facebook post. That’s selfish. I understand it’s hard to get to every single event that everybody’s having. But if you want support, you have to build relationships. I’m not going to listen to your music when all your energy is spent benefiting you.


  1. Racism is alive and well in America and our global society. Slavery 300 years 150 years ago is not long ago in the grand scheme of time and how it effects generations. We can’t have an honest conversation about racism because we are too busy trying to deny it exists.


  1. However flawed, our democratic process can work for us if we participate. Go vote. Who is your senator on a national and state level? Who is your councilperson? Your mayor, your governor? What judge are you going to see if you get a speeding ticket? YOU have a say in who gets these jobs. Ancestors of ours have got a bullet to the head for trying to vote. It’s an insult that the polls aren’t crowded from open to close on Election Day.


  1. Ain’t nothing wrong with having a cocktail or a blunt at the end of a hard day.

 Thus is my 25 from year 25. Be blessed.


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