Screenshots of The Conversation I had with the Pastor regarding Bill Cosby

The following pictures are screenshots of a facebook exchange I had with a prominent Pastor in my city. He’s not my pastor, I do not attend his church, though I have a few friends who do. I blacked out his picture and name because while we disagree, I fear my identifying him explicitly will cause more controversy than we need right now. We’re just getting over ‘delivert’. If you ask me privately, I’ll be glad to let you know who Pastor is, but I’m sure most of you saw the exchange and my status after I was blocked and my comments were deleted.

Stay Tuned. tim1





I had a comment between this that i didn’t get to screen shot. It said something to the affect of

“No, it hasn’t. Just because I disagree with you, doesn’t mean I don’t get the post. Your comparison to the President’s immigration address and a network’s decision to pull a show over MULTIPLE RAPE ALLEGATIONS is disrespectful and frankly, reaching. Also, our love for trashy TV has nothing to do with anything.”

Then he said….



After this Pastor Said “Now you’re reaching. Everybody wave goodbye to Carrie”

I was then blocked and (I’m told)  my comments were deleted. So, I made a facebook status that said



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