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Screenshots of The Conversation I had with the Pastor regarding Bill Cosby

The following pictures are screenshots of a facebook exchange I had with a prominent Pastor in my city. He’s not my pastor, I do not attend his church, though I have a few friends who do. I blacked out his picture and name because while we disagree, I fear my identifying him explicitly will cause more controversy than we need right now. We’re just getting over ‘delivert’. If you ask me privately, I’ll be glad to let you know who Pastor is, but I’m sure most of you saw the exchange and my status after I was blocked and my comments were deleted.

Stay Tuned. tim1





I had a comment between this that i didn’t get to screen shot. It said something to the affect of

“No, it hasn’t. Just because I disagree with you, doesn’t mean I don’t get the post. Your comparison to the President’s immigration address and a network’s decision to pull a show over MULTIPLE RAPE ALLEGATIONS is disrespectful and frankly, reaching. Also, our love for trashy TV has nothing to do with anything.”

Then he said….



After this Pastor Said “Now you’re reaching. Everybody wave goodbye to Carrie”

I was then blocked and (I’m told)  my comments were deleted. So, I made a facebook status that said



My response to “Homosexual Delivered at COGIC 105th Convocation Video: “Delivert!!”

On Monday, a video entilted “Homosexual Delivered at COGIC 107th Holy Convocation” surfaced. I reposted the video without even watching it because the title was enough for me to look over my glasses. I didn’t have to push play to see that the young man was still gay when he left the Convocation.

I wasn’t going to dedicate a blog to this but I have too many thoughts and have had too many conversations not to. Plus, the Lord blessed me with a gigantic intellect and wonderful insight and frankly, the world benefits from my opinion 🙂

The delivered homosexual in question is 21 year old Andrew Caldwell (not to be confused with the songwriter). He says he has published 14 books and is going to school to become a doctor. He’s lying. I’d tell you why I know he’s lying but that’s not why I’m here.

bishop blakeLets get some things clear first because some of the lingo may be unfamiliar. COGIC stands for Church of God in Christ. It is a Pentecostal Christian Denomination that’s predominantly African American founded in the 1890’s (cause they kicked them outta the Baptist church when they suggested being baptized in the Holy Spirit was necessary for salvation). It’s the largest Pentecostal denomination and can be found in over 60 countries.  Charles E. Blake is the current presiding Bishop.

The COGIC holds an annual Convocation that is a meeting of all the COGIC memebers of churches world wide. The 105th one was this past week where a young man was ‘delivered’ from homosexuality. A video scurried across my facebook timeline Monday morning and my chest immediately got tight. Monday morning is trouble enough, between Myles Munroe and Andrew, I wasn’t prepared.

official uniform schedule


Here’s the video. Fast forward to around 2 minutes in. This isn’t the original version. It was taken down.

My initial thoughts

This is why church nxggas can’t have nice things! 

I don’t know why yall keep passing everybody the mic. 

The nxgga was gay when he put that paisley blazer and yellow bowtie on! 

How he gonna celebrate deliverance from homosexuality by dancing with 20 other men?! That’s counterproductive. He’s freshly heterosexual. Preacherman should’ve called some nice looking women down to dance with him. I bet he would’ve passed out. 

I wonder if I go tell the Pastor I’m not gay no more will he give me a hundred dollars?

Initially, I found this video HILARIOUS.

But then I got to thinking and I realized that what was happening was a tragedy.

The first tragedy is that this video suggests that you can be ‘delivered’ by running to an altar and dancing for 20 minutes. It reduces a relationship with God to an emotional experience in Eflat. Kinda like having a one night stand verses a marriage. It also brings the definition of ‘delivered’ into question. Does this young man genuinely not have an attraction to men anymore? Is he now sexually aroused by women? Or is he just choosing not to sleep with men anymore?

God is not the author of confusion. (1Corinthians 14:33) and there’s ALOT of confusion as a result of this video.

I’ve danced, waved my hands, shouted in church and God wasn’t involved. I was following a cultural tradition. I started to study, I sat under a few good bible teachers and learned that alot of what we do is emotionalism and not worship. Worship is a lifestyle. You can’t speak in tongues, not speak to your fellow Christian in the same breath and say you ‘caught the Holy Ghost’. I’m not saying every emotional person in church is full of it. But ALOT of yall (us) are. If you aren’t studying your Word daily and actively cultivating a relationship with God, what are you shouting about?

But grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18)

Andrew can scream into a microphone and dance all he wants to. The organist can play until his fingers turn red, the drum can beat the snare until it breaks, That doesn’t make him any less sexually attracted to men or attracted to women.

The second tragedy is that this showed how homophobic and confused about sex the (black) church is. Not only did he declare he won’t date men anymore. He also declared that he won’t wear makeup anymore or carry a purse. So not only is he going to date women, he’s also going to present himself in a more masculine way with his dress and mannerisms.  *rolls eyes*

We must understand that gender expression and sexuality aren’t the same thing. Some men are masculine, some men aren’t. Some women are feminine, some women aren’t and that’s ok. The idea that men have to be totally ‘butch’ and women have to be totally ‘femme’ is a social construct and frankly everybody doesn’t fit that mold. I know feminine men who are sexually attracted to women and I know butch women who are sexually attracted to men; most days I’m one of ’em. I remember feeling pressure to dress a certain way on Sunday morning and uncomfortable as a result because of the personal (unbiblical) preference of my pastor at the time.  Simplifying sexuality the way the church has for years alienates some wonderful people. It has alienated me. But I’m not afraid to tell church negros to go to hell.


Negros with a 45 year old building fund shouldn’t alienate anybody. 


I see it alienating people like me and it’s a tragedy. I’m sure I can attribute some of my depression and anxiety disorder to the church. I’ve felt like I wasn’t good enough. I heard the scripture I’m fearfully and wonderfully made but in the same breath made to feel like an outsider if I didn’t want to put a skirt on. I know what that’s like. I’m afraid for young (and old) people like me. I don’t want people to leave the church. I want people to flock to the church. Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me and I want to share that with everybody. I feel like i’m fulfilling my purpose when I’m inviting people to church, when I’m giving my testimony…

I’m a ‘whosoever believer.’ John 3:16. God CAN deliver you. God WILL deliver you. He loved you enough to send His only son to die for you. The creator of the Universe wants a relationship with you. The church is His bride and He’s coming back for it. Please don’t judge Christ by Christians. We’re a poor representation of Him. We film things  in poor taste and put them on YouTube. We argue on Facebook about our man made denominations. We are not always Christlike.

Whew, I’m glad I got that out.

As always, thanks for reading. Your comments are always welcome.