Monthly Archives: March 2014

Woes of a Social Media Expert

It’s hard being an actual social media expert, because everyone thinks they’re a social media expert… just like everyone with a Nikon thinks they’re a photographer.

I’m never one be braggadocios because everything I have is because of God’s grace (*praise break*). But once I have it, I know it’s mine. I spent 5 years (and thousands of my parents and grandparent’s dollars) at the illustrious University of Louisville to earn my degree in Communications, I’ve studied under some of the best social media experts and ran global, national and local social media campaigns.

My problem is everybody thinks they have my same level of expertise because they know how to post memes on facebook. It’s frustrating because I worked hard to attain my skills.

I’m the social media manager of the company I work for. A co-worker of mine asked for all social media pswds today. Nigga. No. Idk why people won’t stay in their own lane. I can’t run the successful social media campaigns I know how to run if errbody and they momma have the pswds to the pages. Am I being unreasonable?

Then I got former co-workers asking me about why I chose the hashtags I chose. Ma’am. Maybe I’m easily offended and I don’t mind questions, but it’s all in how you ask. She came at my sideways and doesn’t even work for the company anymore.

My point is, stay in your lane. Hone your area of expertise and don’t ask a mechanic about what he’s doing if you don’t know an engine from muffler. It’s insulting.

What do yall think? Am I unreasonable? What’s your area of expertise?