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Beyonce and Pink. The Grammy’s.

ImageThe 2014 Grammy’s aired on this past Sunday. Beyonce and husband Jay-Z opened up the show with their new hit “Drunk in Love”. Anytime Beyonce does anything. We have to talk about it for a month. A good friend requested I talk about the reaction of Beyonce’s performance.

I find it interesting that the Grammy’s suddenly became a ‘family’ show when Beyonce was on stage and then nobody complained about Pink. Personally, I love both artists. I’ve followed both women since they came out when I was a teenager. I groupie screamed equally at Beyonce in the chair and Pink’s ropes. Image

I think we love to hate Beyoncé.. especially since shes come out of her shell and truly becoming herself. While she was in Destiny’s Child there was an image she had to uphold. A wholesome, round the way girl image… now that her parents aren’t running her career.. (thank GOD Tina isn’t dressing her anymore) I think she feels more control over her identity.

Alot of the criticism people give Beyoncé is based in insecurity. She has a career, a husband a child.. she’s a mom and wife but still VERY successful in her career. Society wants women to chose. You gotta either be a barefoot housewife or a frigid career woman. Beyoncé is neither and she does it flawlessly. Beyonce is also black.

ImageWhat’s the difference between Pink and Beyoncé? Quite simply, Pink is white and Beyoncé is black. We aren’t used to seeing confident, married, sexy black women owning their identity. Change makes us uncomfortable. Society is used to objectifying black women’s bodies and Beyoncé is becoming human (and how dare she put a new face on feminism!). I didn’t hear any criticism about Pink’s performance. I even saw a white woman on twitter say what Pink did was “art” and what Beyonce did was “more sexual”… Image

We’re concerned about our daughters right? Will an 8 year old girl understand that what Pink did was ‘art’ and what Beyonce did was vulgar? Would we rather our daughters look at Pink or Beyonce? Should we allow entertainers to influence our children or should we parent them ourselves?

One problem is that we think Beyoncé and every other entertainer is supposed to be a proper influence for our daughters people complained about Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammy’s like they couldn’t turn the tv off or send their children to bed. The Grammy’s isnt a “family” show per se. I also find it interesting that nobody complained about Pink’s performance when her and Beyoncé had the same amount of material covering their bodies.

This isn’t about Beyonce and Pink, this is about how society looks at women. What makes us uncomfortable… White women’s identity and black women’s identity… Beyonce and Pink both gave great sexy performances and it made some people uncomfortable. But lets turn the mirror on ourselves and ask ourselves what is it about thighs and ass that makes us so uncomfortable? Is it REALLY about how they influence our children? (It isn’t for me. I don’t have any.) or is it about the insecurities we have with our own sexuality? There Beyonce is on national TV with her husband palming her ass and yours won’t even hold your hand in public… Or maybe you want to be able to express your sexuality… to be that sexy.. I don’t know. But I think Beyonce is getting too much blame. What do you think?

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