Monthly Archives: December 2013

24 things I’ve learned in 24 years.

My birthday was Dec 2, I turned 24. I do these lists every year. Enjoy. 

1. Lust can make us think we love somebody we don’t even like.

2. Going out to the club every weekend is an unhealthy, wasteful lifestyle.

3. Church is no indication of your relationship with God

4. I don’t have to answer my phone.

5. Biology is no indication of gender. Gender performance is no indication of sexuality.

6. Society wants to make promiscuity acceptable. I can’t.

7. Having sex with someone is an exchange of spiritual energy. It makes it damn near impossible to get them out of your system even after they leave your bed.

8. We must hold celebrities to a higher standard. R. Kelly raped a child AND filmed it and we act like it never happened. We ain’t seen Beyoncè’s real nose or skin color since Destiny’s child and she’s black royalty… who doesn’t even want to be black.

9. The Bible is God’s love letter to us.

10. There is prestige in a college degree. We are often made ashamed to be proud of our accomplishments to appease high school diplomas. I’m over It.

11. Looking for love, acceptance,  affection? You won’t find it in sex.

12. The respect I get from being myself and open about it far outweighs the appeasement I’d give to loved ones if I was closeted.

13. White people are the spawn of Satan.

14. People put up with a lot of shit in order to not be alone.  I’m happy to be single because of the relationships I see around me.

15. Smart people drive VWs. Idiots drive Dodges. Don’t argue.

16. Patience

17. How you look matters. Nobody wants an ugly person that’s “nice on the inside”.

18. People aren’t religious because they don’t want to have any morals to answer to.. while benefiting from a moral life.

19. Music is everything!

20. God makes it very apparent to us who we are and what we’re called to do. We just  don’t want the responsibility of our calling.

21. The way we treat others is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

22. What peace we often forfeit… What needless pains we bear (bare?) all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer!

23. Who you hang out with matters.. messy people dont hang out with the clean.

24. Holiness is STILL right.