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“What about your life says Christian?”

I do speak outs on campus. We go to classes and talk about our experiences as LGBT people. i did one this morning. Of course I discuss my experience as a Christian and growing up in church coupled with my Queerness. This young man seemed a bit dissatisfied that I called myself a Christian. He asked me “How would you define the word Christian?” I said “Someone who follows Christ, believes Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God”. He seemed partly appeased with that question and I thought that was the end of it. Later on he said

“What about your life says Christian?”

He mentioned that I talked about going to the club and getting drunk.. which.. I didn’t.. I said that I partied alot in undergrad. I started to explain myself. I talked about how Jesus didn’t go to church that often, he hung out with societies ostracized people and he walked the walk and talked the talk. Then the facilitator asked him “What about asking her that question was respectful? We’re here to talk about identity.” Some of his classmates were vocal about how disrespectful they thought he was. I was a bit frazzled (I had been pulled over earlier that morning) but I kept a cool head and THAT was nobody but Jesus.

After class the facilitator apologized to me and I said “No need, I have to ask myself that question everyday.”

I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Couldn’t even lay down and take a nap… and yall know I love my naps LOL.

I try to speak to everyone I come in contact with. I ask questions. I educate. I’ll give the shirt off my back to anyone who needs it. I love children. I love my church. I love the fellowship of fellow Christians. One of the main reasons I try to make money is so I can give it away to people around me. I listen to people’s problems. I try to constantly be in dialogue and reflection with God. That is what about me says Christian.

I don’t believe a consensual romantic/sexual relationship with someone of the same sex is a sin. Nor do I believe the bible says it is. I respect anyone who disagrees. Christians very close to me disagree. But they are still my siblings. We can still love. We can still coexist. We can still do work collectively to advance the kingdom.

There are plenty of things about my life that aren’t Christian. I worry about money. I have an attitude. A bad temper, a slick mouth. I’m guilty of gluttony. I cuss. I can be a flake. Lazy. Whew, this could go on all day.

Not all Christians look the same. God didn’t make us all the same. Jesus had JUST 12 VERY different disciples. Imagine how different everyone in the kingdom needs to be. I’m queer. I’m black. I’m Christian. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and I die to sin daily. I want people to know that Christian doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, that your life has to be boring or you have to dress like a missionary or live like you’re Amish. God will call you right where and HOW you are.

So let me throw the question back. What about YOUR life says Christian?