4th of July Thoughts

I’m sitting here and my two best friends are in my kitchen preparing food for guests that are about to arrive. I am thankful.

But, i can’t help to feel guilty for celebrating this holiday and many more associated with the history of this country. I do like living here, in America. I could have been born other places that were much worse. Especially as  a woman and a Christian. I don’t take my citizenship here for granted and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I’m American. But I’m also black. This is the burden that we must face. We live in an intersection, an intersection that is at times hard to cross.

I ask myself how can I celebrate something that happened in 1776? In 1776 I wouldn’t have been considered a citizen of this country or even a person. I would have been property, separated from my family, sold to the highest bidder, raped and beat. Would our ancestors be shaking their heads at us today? What would Frederick Douglas think of us passively drinking, bbq-ing and celebrating a country founded by the likes of our ‘forefathers’?

I’m not trying to guilt anyone here. As I mentioned before, I’m having a great time with my friends right now, and I don’t think any black person should sit around on the 4th of July or thanksgiving with a scowl on their face and their fist up the whole day, but we have always take time to reflect on the history. Because if you don’t know where you’ve been, you don’t know where you at or where you’re going.

What are you into for your 4th?




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