It’s amazing how the end of a year makes us think about our life. Especially because unless our birthday is January 1st, we’re not really experiencing a new year… simply a new calender year… the next number on the calender. From 2012 to 2013. That’s it.

Nonetheless, it makes us think… 2012 for me was not good to say the least. But hey, you can’t have a testimony with out a test. This is the first new year I’m glad to see, otherwise.. just another excuse to drink and get buck with my boys and we never need an excuse 🙂

In late July/August, I got out of a relationship. It was a bad break up. It’s still going bad… but that was truly deliverance. She simply had to go. I also made the decision to spend Fall 2012 at home. I was very depressed, anxiety through the roof and didn’t need to be in apartment 70 miles from my momma. I’m very glad I came home and spent the time with my family. It gave me a chance to get my head together.. I don’t have it all the way together but things are better.

In September my friend Xavier fell off a balcony and died. I wrote about him in a previous entry. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. His parents didn’t even do Christmas this year… Each day gets better though.

November 29th, my grandmomma passed away. We miss her so much. Her voice, her hands, the way she smelled (like soft peppermint), her smile… I’m sad because I know my mom doesn’t have her mom to go to anymore and I can’t imagine. My grandmomma was saved tho… (so was X) so I have peace in the fact that they are with God and I’ll see them again.

It’s 2013 tomorrow. I’m in the class of 2013. I’m going to walk across the stage. I laugh at the thought of myself with a college degree. I’m so rachet. God is so good though… only by the grace of Him am I receiving this. He’s showing me where my life is going. I won’t be in Louisville for long, and it honestly scares me. But I’m going to worry less in 2013. He got me through 2012. I didn’t always have money in 2012, but i never missed a meal and I always had the gas in my car I needed. He’s amazing.

Would love to hear from you all. What happened in 2012? What’s going to happen in 2013?

Well, time to listen to this sermon and figure out what I’m wearing tonight. Please be safe kiddos.



oh, i’ll be ready to start looking for a spouse in May. *Kenya Moore twirl*


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