Monthly Archives: September 2012


What’s up kids? Sorry for missing last Wednesday. I’m here today though. As you can tell from the title, I’m going to talk about what I’d do if I was president. I caught some of the #DNC last night. Great speeches. I missed Lily Ledbetter’s though. Our first lady is the iisshh. There’s plenty I could say about her, but not enough room. I love the Obama family and they fact that they know what its like to be broke and struggle. But without further adieu, “If I was President” *Wyclef Voice*

1. The two party system gotta go. There are hundreds of parties with great ideas and if there were say.. 5 parties in DC instead of 2, voting wouldn’t always be in a deadlock. The electoral college would also be eliminated. We count the votes and give the people what they want.

2. Universal Health Care, because why the hell not! Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

3. There’d be student loan forgiveness. *shouts* (which is actually on the table now) because it would improve the economy and my credit score, Jesus.

4. Any two consenting adults would be able to benefit from Civil Unions. “Marriage” would be left up to the church because it is a religious institution.

5. I would eliminate person-hood of banks and corporations… there would be no bailouts. If they don’t pay their bills, why would the people.

6. I would cut military spending in half. There would be an initiative to make sure all veterans get the proper care (physical and mental) they need once they get back from combat.

7. Women would have the right to make decisions about their own bodies. All forms of contraception would be available and affordable. I would extend funding to Planned Parenthood and like organizations. There would be an all-female sub committee in congress as well.

8. I would regulate voting zones to make sense in states to eliminate gerrymandering and marginalize votes.

9. I would make an initiative to cut homelessness in half. There’s plenty of room for everyone. No one should be sleeping on the skreets.

10. Higher Education would be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. !!

That’s all for today, there are issues I didn’t address (marijuana, sex work, credit card companies, insurance) so I may do a part two. What would you do if you occupied the white house?