My pop.

When you’re apart of a marginalized group, in this case LGBT folk, sometimes you have to create your own family. Our own families often times don’t act like family once they figure out you’re going to hell or whatever… The other day I was on a radio show and the asked what my favorite part about being LGBT was. I thought about my pop. Sully Sr. aka Sindro aka Sonny Blowdro aka Nick..

I’m fortunate enough to be apart of a great LGBT family. The Supernovas. We aren’t a house like the rest of black gay culture.. cause we too cute. We’re truly a fam. I have parents, siblings, aunts, and uncles that are Supernovas. But today I’m going to talk about my Pop. 

Him and I met a few years ago. I never remember how I meet people, but we quickly realized how much alike we were. I don’t think we were ever strangers. Like many fruitful relationships, I’ve learned alot from him. He’s a transman. I’ve had trans friends before but none as close as I’ve been with him. I think trans people have the best stories to tell and often times get separated from gay and lesbian people. We ALL have lots to learn from them. Matter of fact, he refers to me as his son. In that, I learned that gender is simply a social idea that’s hard for EVERYBODY to adhere to at one time. He’s made me very comfortable in my masculinity as many people have tried to make me feel weird because of it. 

Oh, it was his birthday yesterday so that’s why I’m writing this entry. 🙂 

I love him. I admire him. I want to be like him. My biological father didn’t raise me, my step father left when I was around 8. So there’s always been a void. I met him in my young adult hood but the void he’s filled is more than I can probably express in words. His wife and I treat me like they had me and as far as my personality goes, I’m a mixture of both of them. Mean and objective like him, sensitive and emotional like her. 

I owe the Supernovas alot. Over this short time that I’ve known them they’ve gave me support in every way that a kidd could need. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and hope I get a chance to pay them back one day… With bitches, green and food. Yow. 



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