Financial Aid Woes. Part 2 of the college series.

I guess this is part two to the previous post. I’m going to talk about a personal experience today. Now, this is coming from a place of frustration so notify me of any grammatical or spelling errors.

When you come to college, nobody tells you about the campaign that the Financial Aid office has. Not the campaign to help you pay for college, the campaign to discourage you from getting a degree. The financial aid office offers no help when it comes to the complicated process of paying for college. There are many options… scholarships, grants, loans… and all these things require paper work. The people in the financial aid office will treat you like you’re already supposed to know about this shit and won’t offer any information that you’ll need. For example.

I thought I was going to see my Pell Grant money on Wednesday. When Friday afternoon came around and I still had nothing, I called the Financial Aid office. Wait, let me rewind. Financial Aid e-mailed me about a form I needed to fill out to get my money. I filled out the form Thursday. I still didn’t see any money. The Financial Aid guy and I go back and forth and he tells me to contact another office: The Bursar’s Office, kinda like the campus bank that puts your money on your account once Financial Aid does their job. Well, I contacted the Bursar’s Office and Financial Aid hadn’t done their job so theysent me BACK to the Financial Aid office. This is all via e-mail and the phone by the way.. I finally get the director of the Financial Aid office on the phone and ask him in so many words where the hell my money’s at, and he tells me I can’t get my money because I’m only signed up for 3 hours. I tell him I have a financial hold on my account that won’t allow me to sign up for the rest of the hours I need… BUT the federal government offered me enough money to cover all the expenses… He was basically telling me that I had to pay $1100 to get the federal money… because of some rules that the federal government came up with to discourage niggas from going to college.

Confused? This is every semester. If you don’t have $20,000 a semester to drop on education, you’re going to have to deal with Financial Aid. They WILL make things hard for you. The dude in the office asked me why I signed up for a class if I couldn’t afford it… I thought I was talking to Mitt Romney. I told him I wanted a degree and the money was already there. He also tried to imply that I was taking advantage of the government by saying… “Loans aren’t just free flowing..” I told him that I wasn’t trying to put money in my pocket I was trying to pay for classes.

I hung up the phone in tears. I called my momma. I’m still a thug though.

God showed this degree to me a long time ago. It’s mine. But he didn’t say it’d be easy to get. College is academically demanding, but you will also be challenged financially and in order to obtain money from the federal government to help you out, you’re going to have to jump through some hoops and walk over some red tape.

It’s going to get taken care of, of course. But I’m going to have to deal with some assholes along the way and as a Christian, I have to be slow to anger. He ain’t through with me yet!

Do you have any horror stories from Financial Aid? Tweetchaboy *Zay Zay voice* @collegekidd or leave a comment. Peace.



One thought on “Financial Aid Woes. Part 2 of the college series.

  1. Fannie Mae says:

    I definitely feel you on so many levels. The Pell grant in itself is just not enough to pay for even half of your tuition, and the stress and struggle you have to go through to get ADDITIONAL funds is a job within itself. I personally don’t give a damn about a ‘refund’ check but every time I go to the Houchens building they make it seem like I’m trying to use them to get MY money. I’m a sophomore and desperately trying to enjoy my college experience but I can’t enjoy it if I have to worry about basic, primal things such as how am I going to survive. Keep your head up, keep the faith no matter how small and be glad you only have a few months left! Love your blog by the way.

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