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My pop.

When you’re apart of a marginalized group, in this case LGBT folk, sometimes you have to create your own family. Our own families often times don’t act like family once they figure out you’re going to hell or whatever… The other day I was on a radio show and the asked what my favorite part about being LGBT was. I thought about my pop. Sully Sr. aka Sindro aka Sonny Blowdro aka Nick..

I’m fortunate enough to be apart of a great LGBT family. The Supernovas. We aren’t a house like the rest of black gay culture.. cause we too cute. We’re truly a fam. I have parents, siblings, aunts, and uncles that are Supernovas. But today I’m going to talk about my Pop. 

Him and I met a few years ago. I never remember how I meet people, but we quickly realized how much alike we were. I don’t think we were ever strangers. Like many fruitful relationships, I’ve learned alot from him. He’s a transman. I’ve had trans friends before but none as close as I’ve been with him. I think trans people have the best stories to tell and often times get separated from gay and lesbian people. We ALL have lots to learn from them. Matter of fact, he refers to me as his son. In that, I learned that gender is simply a social idea that’s hard for EVERYBODY to adhere to at one time. He’s made me very comfortable in my masculinity as many people have tried to make me feel weird because of it. 

Oh, it was his birthday yesterday so that’s why I’m writing this entry. 🙂 

I love him. I admire him. I want to be like him. My biological father didn’t raise me, my step father left when I was around 8. So there’s always been a void. I met him in my young adult hood but the void he’s filled is more than I can probably express in words. His wife and I treat me like they had me and as far as my personality goes, I’m a mixture of both of them. Mean and objective like him, sensitive and emotional like her. 

I owe the Supernovas alot. Over this short time that I’ve known them they’ve gave me support in every way that a kidd could need. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and hope I get a chance to pay them back one day… With bitches, green and food. Yow. 



Financial Aid Woes. Part 2 of the college series.

I guess this is part two to the previous post. I’m going to talk about a personal experience today. Now, this is coming from a place of frustration so notify me of any grammatical or spelling errors.

When you come to college, nobody tells you about the campaign that the Financial Aid office has. Not the campaign to help you pay for college, the campaign to discourage you from getting a degree. The financial aid office offers no help when it comes to the complicated process of paying for college. There are many options… scholarships, grants, loans… and all these things require paper work. The people in the financial aid office will treat you like you’re already supposed to know about this shit and won’t offer any information that you’ll need. For example.

I thought I was going to see my Pell Grant money on Wednesday. When Friday afternoon came around and I still had nothing, I called the Financial Aid office. Wait, let me rewind. Financial Aid e-mailed me about a form I needed to fill out to get my money. I filled out the form Thursday. I still didn’t see any money. The Financial Aid guy and I go back and forth and he tells me to contact another office: The Bursar’s Office, kinda like the campus bank that puts your money on your account once Financial Aid does their job. Well, I contacted the Bursar’s Office and Financial Aid hadn’t done their job so theysent me BACK to the Financial Aid office. This is all via e-mail and the phone by the way.. I finally get the director of the Financial Aid office on the phone and ask him in so many words where the hell my money’s at, and he tells me I can’t get my money because I’m only signed up for 3 hours. I tell him I have a financial hold on my account that won’t allow me to sign up for the rest of the hours I need… BUT the federal government offered me enough money to cover all the expenses… He was basically telling me that I had to pay $1100 to get the federal money… because of some rules that the federal government came up with to discourage niggas from going to college.

Confused? This is every semester. If you don’t have $20,000 a semester to drop on education, you’re going to have to deal with Financial Aid. They WILL make things hard for you. The dude in the office asked me why I signed up for a class if I couldn’t afford it… I thought I was talking to Mitt Romney. I told him I wanted a degree and the money was already there. He also tried to imply that I was taking advantage of the government by saying… “Loans aren’t just free flowing..” I told him that I wasn’t trying to put money in my pocket I was trying to pay for classes.

I hung up the phone in tears. I called my momma. I’m still a thug though.

God showed this degree to me a long time ago. It’s mine. But he didn’t say it’d be easy to get. College is academically demanding, but you will also be challenged financially and in order to obtain money from the federal government to help you out, you’re going to have to jump through some hoops and walk over some red tape.

It’s going to get taken care of, of course. But I’m going to have to deal with some assholes along the way and as a Christian, I have to be slow to anger. He ain’t through with me yet!

Do you have any horror stories from Financial Aid? Tweetchaboy *Zay Zay voice* @collegekidd or leave a comment. Peace.


#WisdomWednesday Tips for new college students.

Hello babies. In honor of Welcome Wknd at my school and all ‘at I’m going to provide tips for college freshman. I went to college straight out of high school so this will be targeted at them, but I hope non-traditional students can find help from this list as well, cause there’s a good number at my school.

1. Go to class. I know you may be like “but Kidd, of course I’m a go to class, i’m a student.” No, you aren’t You’ll get in a class with 200 people that’s a dry ass 90 minute lecture and realize that the notes you need for the test are online. You won’t see the point of going. Go anyway. If you have a C at the end of the semester, the professor might bump it up to a B cause you showed up to their boring ass lectures.

When I was a freshman on campus, I had an 8am class on the other side of campus. It got to snowing, I got to partying, and half-assed went. It was a math class at that. I need that credit to graduate. I’m a senior with no math credit. You don’t want to end up like me!

2. Get in an organization. Get in 3 organizations. Are you an aspiring Journalist? Join NABJ, an engineer? NSBE… You get out of your college experience what you put in. If there isn’t an organization for your particular need, start one. Some friends and I started an organization for LGBT students of color. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

These are also great Networking opportunities. You link up with like-minded people in your field. It’s very important for your name to be out there in this economy. You will also most likely need an internship to graduate. I worked for a political firm ran by two friends of mine. I’m on a first name basis with the mayor, council members and judges.

3. Get your text books for cheap. Don’t bend over and let the campus bookstore rape you. The textbook industry is trying to take as much money from you as it can.,, are all great resources for text books for cheap. Rent the books you won’t need, buy the books for your major.

4. Make friends with an upper classmen. This will happen naturally in your organizations, for example. Don’t go up to an old looking nigga and be like ‘can I be yo friend?’ lmao. It’s important to have an upper class men on your team because they’ll tell you what professors to take or not take and where not to eat on campus..

5. Don’t go home every weekend. College is intimidating. You’ll want to go home every weekend if you are away from home, but don’t… because one, you won’t study at home and there’s no room for growth if you’re still in the same place with the same people. You have to learn to be independent. Don’t take ya laundry home to your momma every weekend.

6. Budget. If you’re a genius like me, you’ll have a couple scholarships, state and federal money. This will cover your tuition and maybe room and board if so, you could be left with a couple stacks or more. You’ll want to make it rain. Don’t go on a shopping spree like I did, buy your text books, give that 10% to Jesus and donate to Obama’s campaign. After that, chill so you won’t be struggling by December. Also, don’t get a credit card. That will fuck up your credit. Plenty of people will be sending you shiny credit cards and shit.  Banks target dumbass 19 year olds, then abuse you when you ain’t got the money to pay on that credit card. Just don’t do it.

7. Party! But not too much. This is the first time you’re away from home. You gonna wanna party, do it. BUT don’t party the night before a big test.There’s a party every wknd. I was in college when Obama won. We partied every day of the damn week when he got elected. There are plenty chances to party. You are in school to graduate, not party. Your degree is priority. If your ass needa be in a book instead of the club… Get in them pages.

8. Exercise. The freshman 15 is real. There’s so much free horrible food on campus, and you’re going to grab whatever is convenient when you are thrown into academia that demanding. I’ve probably gained more like 30 lbs since I’ve been in college. You probably have free access to your gym on campus since you’re a student. You pay for the service so use it. Take a book with you to the treadmill. I used to racquetball and practice with the girl’s bball team. I dunked on ’em too! (in my mind)

9. An Open mind. If you ain’t going to seminary some damn where, you’re going to be exposed to alot of different people, different races, religions. Gay people. Atheists. Muslims. Vegans. All ‘at. Every stereotype you have about a certain group of people, get that image out of your mind. Don’t write somebody off ’cause they are different. Intellectuals are smarter than prejudice.

10. Share your knowledge. Not everyone can get a college education. Share that knowledge, volunteer with middle school kids, join Big Bros Big Sisters, you’ll probably need Community Service hours for a scholarship you have. You are an asset to your community with that degree and you have a social responsibility. Remember where you came from. Go back and make the ‘hood better!

Alright, that concludes Kidd-o’s list for the freshmensss. Feel free to add your tips in the comment box. If you read this whole thing, share it with a friend. Thank you for reading. Tweetchaboy *Zay Zay voice* @collegekidd

I didn’t come up with this list on my own. I had plenty of friends contribute via Fbook and Twitter, Traci, Joy, Tunisha (now, stop reading and go write), Alex, Eric, Maryam… if I missed you, I’m sorry. I love yall ass tho.



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Been a long time, I shouldna left you without a dope beat to step to.

I could give you excuses and shit on why I haven’t been around since May but, they are tools of the incapable and if I really wanted to be here writing, I would have. I will do better. I need to if I wanna make a career outta this shit. We’ll be addressing a number of things in the next month. Gabby Douglas, Chik Fila, The upcoming Presidential election and why your ass needs to be concerned… Love and Hip Hop ATL because hey, rachetness is necessary.. Um.. who else do I need to talk about? Go ‘head and throw a suggestion or 5 at me. Tweeting me is best @collegekidd. But I’ll check comments too 🙂