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We have things to address, Beloved.

Just this week, North Carolina voted in favor of Amendment One, among other things, it outlaws same-sex marriage. Queen Latifah announced her headlining at LBC’s Gay-Pride festival. President Obama endorsed same-sex marriage.

Gays 2, America 1.

Now, let’s get back to reality. I pray that we are in the midst of a revolution yall. I really believe that ANY 2 people who want to join their assets together for legal benefits should be able to. Romance or not, marriage has its benefits economically, but it also has its benefits in the community. For example, we all go to one place on Thanksgiving because my grandparents have been married 58 years. #ThingslongerthanKimKardashiansMarriage I see the benefits of marriage. I enjoy them. I also have consequences as a result of my parents not being married. I believe marriage is very important to the community and needs to happen more often.

I’m always observing people very closely during the times of a hot topic. I logged on my Facebook this morning and saw a lot of different things. My pastor’s wife status was “My Lord and my God…. Have mercy!!!!!!!!! Will the righteous stand for truth………..” I wasn’t surprised. My chest got tight. I kind of feel forced back into the closet during these times because my family, my church family is homophobic… and frankly as somebody with homo tendencies, I can either not say anything or I can lash out. I’ve never been one to cause a scene. *adjusts skirt* There IS going to be a time where I’m going to have to stand up for what is right in the midst of the people I consider my family, and my actual family disagreeing with me. #Jesusbeafence

I observed a lot of church folk’s disdain on my Facebook’s time line this morning. I’m used to it after 20 years. But I looked closer. I really analyzed who exactly was speaking out against gay marriage; Single, lonely, bitter women had a lot to say. Closeted black gay men had things to say. Take what you want from that. #Imjustsayin I also didn’t see any college educated people speaking out against same-sex unions.

Another member of my church expressed her disagreement in two statuses. She let us know that she didn’t agree with what the POTUS said and if we disagreed, we could delete her. This young lady is in her late twenties, I think. Has two children and has been with her baby’s dad for a number of years. My thing is anyone in this situation probably shouldn’t be speaking out against any type of marriage, as she can’t even get a man that fathered two children with her to put a ring on it.

See, we don’t want to address things. We don’t want to address real issues. I love my church. I love God. My relationship with Christ is the most valuable thing I have. But we are seriously flawed in many things.

The same people that ran to defend Eddie Long and Chris Brown are speaking out against monogamous loving relationships that they can’t seem to achieve themselves.

Black people are contracting HIV/AIDS at alarming rates and the very places that a good number of us go to won’t even address this issue.

While, teenage pregnancy is down, it’s still happening at alarming numbers (in my community in particular…) but we continue to keep having baby showers and not weddings. What are we telling our girls? You’re good enough to fuck, but not good enough to marry?

Steve Harvey wrote a book and black women are flocking to it. Tyler Perry’s still making movies. We have things to address, beloved.

Even if you believe that homosexuality is a sin, you cannot let your personal moral beliefs get in the way of public policy. I don’t believe I should have to pay for water, but I do because of the bigger picture. Legislation is not going to determine whether gay/lesbian people are in relationships or fucking. If YOU believe sexuality is a sin and therefore harms your relationship with Christ, don’t engage in homosexual activity.

This country was founded on the principals of separation of Church and State. We cannot let religious beliefs influence our legislation because everybody isn’t Christian. This is not a Christian country. It has a lot of (people who call themselves) Christians in it. But our official religion isn’t Christianity; therefore Christian principles can’t influence legislation.

If I was living in a predominantly Muslim country, I wouldn’t be able to get with legislation influenced by the beliefs of Islam. I am not Muslim. I am not wrapping myself up in this Kentucky heat. Shit.

I personally do not believe that 2 people in a loving relationship can be a sin, as God is Love. The word homosexual didn’t exist when the bible was being written and wasn’t added until the 19th century. When homosexuality is mentioned in the bible, it is often in association with pedophilia or having sex with objects. Also, I believe that Christ was encouraging people to pro-create to save their communities. They were raping kids in Sodom and Gomorrah. They weren’t hospitable to guests in Sodom and Gomorrah. I don’t believe God’s wrath would’ve been over a community of monogamous gay couples that were productive citizens of the community.

I also don’t see how marriage is connected to sex or romance, but that’s just me. I could go on and on in this argument.

I do know that not too long ago, people were using that same book to justify the genocide of my people. Let some people tell ‘em I’m from the cursed tribe of Ham. Other religions believe that I’m gonna be a slave to them in Heaven. So I can never very well use that same book to justify denying people their rights of liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The President is going to do things that you disagree with. He’s not your pastor; he’s not your boyfriend, he’s not captain-save-a-nigga. He’s the leader of the free world. If you weren’t scrutinizing any president before him like this, chill. Just because he’s black doesn’t mean he’s going to do everything the black conservative right wants him to do. (Thank Jah)

Thanks, Mr. President. Thank you so much.

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