I love white people.

It’s been over a month. Sorry kids. God ain’t thru with me yet! Working on alot of cool stuff, including this degree!

I have very few white friends. I have 5 white good female friends and no good white male friends. I ain’t really upset about that. I think ‘why’ sometimes. There’s certainly no shortage of white people where I am, but for whatever reason I could speculate on, it doesn’t happen. I’m not going to lie and say that the things I associate with white people are reasons that I don’t have many white friends. Call that immaturity or ignorance, but hey. Such is life. I had more white friends when I knew less.

I had a talk with my good friend Ashley the other night. She’s white, told me that my fbook posts pissed her off sometimes, she felt like I was contributing to racism by the comments on articles I make. I really had to look at myself and I do make crazy comments and some of them don’t even reflect whats in my heart. I just read an article, get mad and post it on fbook or wherever. White people aren’t the problem. The system is the problem. The system is racist, those in power are white. But I can’t write off every single white person cause I don’t want people to do that to me because of my race.

My beliefs aren’t changing, but how I approach things is. I’ve never been good at catering to people’s feelings, which is interesting ’cause I’m a very sensitive person, but I realize that there’s no change or agency if I’m constantly offending my white friends and family members. I won’t be better and I can’t make the world better if I do that. Most importantly, I can’t have Kyle Kuric’s children if I do that.

Think about your goals. Think about who you want to reach and what you want to change. Align what you’re putting out with those values.

Thanks Ashley!



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