Celebrities and our Societal Sickness

What’s good yall? Hope all my peers heading back to school this week and next have a good semester. Mine is cool. Might have to sell a kidney for these books, but you know… God provides.

Anywho this week we’re going to talk about our treatment of celebrities. In light of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter that has just arrived. Congratulations to them. And all ‘at.


Why’re we so obsessed with celebrities? It’s becoming a societal sickness. Just because these people entertain us, why do we have a right to obsess about their personal lives… as if they’re any different from ours? An actress, a singer… It’s a job and you’ll be in the spotlight, (ideally for your talent but I believe it should stop there). I mean, nobody’s job should be an excuse to stalk them. Do you know about your local grocery cashier’s personal life?  Are our lives that dissatisfying? That we have to glue ourselves to TMZ, E!, Twitter, Fbook and whatever other medium to find out that both Common and Drake (ALLEGEDLY) f-cked Serena Williams?

Granted WE aren’t the only ones to blame. (Some) Celebrities do put themselves out there.. too much in my personal opinion. I enjoy Jimmy and Tip’s reality shows (well.. not really, i just watch cause everyone else does.. ) but do we really need to be THAT far in your business… I mean, to the point that you’re having a conversation with your mom and you’re crying? Or when Tip and Tiny was about to get it on… (*throws up*) Why do cameras need to be there for EVERYTHING? !

Especially when we don’t concern ourselves with things that’re REALLY important. There are presidential candidates who disagree with Civil Rights legislation (and i’m talking de-segregation legislation, not gay marriage). One believes that black people had a better family structure during enslavement…  Little girls in the Congo are being sold. Women in Saudi Arabia are fighting for the right to drive! And thousands of us are on twitter talking about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s little girl.

What’s the big f-cking deal?

Jay-Z and Beyonce got married had sex and a baby popped out of her vagina 9 months later. What’s special about that? It happens every day; Literally, every day. Yea, they’re famous. They’re rich, I love all of the music each of them put out. But am I not sick for being excited about a baby from a couple I’ve never met? New life is great. But B and Jay’s child isn’t any more special than middle class folk’s baby… but our society treats this baby like Jesus just came out.

I really think WE need to evaluate the pedestal that we put celebrities on and take a few notches out of them. At the end of the day, They’re people and we should give them the same privacy that we’d want for our lives. Especially celebrities who are intentionally private like the Carters. When you invite people in your personal life, you invite the hoes into your bed.. Think about it!

What do you think?


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