Sides Part 2.

Ok, I’m going to give you all another example of sidechick-ocity because it happened recently… where are my manners? Happy New Year. Be better in 2012 than 2011.. No progress without growth.

Anywho, I got a new phone for Christmas, so I have no numbers in them. So, a young lady (and I use the term ‘lady’ loosely) that I have a solely physical relationship with texted me while I was sleep the other night. I text back inquiring who it is the next morning.. she tells me its her and that she ‘just wanted to talk’… I smirked and responded ‘talk.. is that what we call it now?’… and she says, ‘no really… I’m not good for just sex.. ” by now i’m looking at my fone confused cause uh… I’m not interested in what else she’s good at… then she says ‘Look, I called  because i really needed someone to talk to but.. clearly you were not that person’…


Frankly, I’m not interested in her drama… She has to have other friends she can talk to. Regardless of what she says. She wanted me to make her feel better, and it wasn’t with some conversation. If all you ever offer a person is your body, don’t be surprised when that’s all they’re interested in. We have a sexual relationship, I have love for her (I guess…) but we ain’t friends and I’m the last person she should call after the last person she calls when she has a problem. That ain’t my job. I’m not open to a friendship with her because she isn’t confident enough to offer anything but her body. Which is sad because she’s VERY intelligent..

Stay in your lane.

Not to mention I’m in a relationship, and my spouse is wayy to confident to be threatened by her, i still gotta be respectful, yo…

Love and Light, yall. Be realistic about your relationships. Be honest.



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