Peace, yall. Hope everyone’s enjoying their winter break nshit. I am, thats why I missed yesterday’s entry. I will try to do well.

Today we’re going to discuss #sidechicks. This is going to be an entertaining piece so all my feminist friends, keep ‘at shit in a sack. It’s all for laughs. This entry’s dedicated to my roommate and TQ since they chose this topic.

Life is play and everyone has roles. There’s a pimp and a ho in every situation. There are bawses, wife-ables, and sides. Well, there are more roles than this, but I don’t wanna confuse yall or get too in depth the first time we discuss roles. At this moment in time, I’mma bawse (pronounced boss)… It wasn’t always this way, history on me in my side days coming later…

The main thing I want you all to take from this is Don’t treat your side-chick like your main. You don’t have to have a main to have side-chicks. We all have ‘sides’ in our lives, but while you’re single, you still gotta realize that all this muhfucka can be is a side. Treating them like a main devalues your time, money, and love. It also be having sides confused. Don’t kiss your side-chick on the mouth, don’t be bringing her to your momma house, and keep daily outings to a minimal. You start doing this shit to her/him, they’ll think they ain’t a side anymore and not stay in they lane… We can’t have people not playing the right roles in life. That’s when shit gets sticky.

Also, I need side chicks to know your role. You are a side. You ain’t the burger, you the fries. You ain’t the steak, you the potatoes. If I’m with my main, I’m not going to answer the phone when you call me. No, you can’t come out with me and my friends when we galavant the town… and get yo ass up outta my bed when we done.

This all may sound harsh to you all, but its just the reality of life. I didn’t make the rules, I just got thrown into this crazy mixed up world. Everyone has a role. What’re you? You mad at this entry? You’re a side, or you have been. I’ve been a side. Granted, I was like 19 but I was with a chick that had a man fucked around and got feelings… and when it was time to get real. I got dropped. Yea, she was kissing me in the mouth, laying in my bed, buying me food, cuddling with me, taking me places, i was chillin’ with her and her child often… but I was a side. That’s all I could ever be because I tolerated that shit. When it was time to for appearances, her man was the priority. I knew that going into the situation. I still got hurt. But hey, I learnt alotta shit about people in that situation and i’m glad i went thru it so I can share my story.

So I’m being harsh and honest because I love yall and I don’t want ya hurt like me. Not saying that all side situations will hurt, but mine did. In all seriousness, I recommend being honest to all people involved. Let ya main know they the main… and for goodness sakes don’t treat ya side like a main!

What tips do YOU have for sides?



5 thoughts on “SideChick-ocity.

  1. Justa Notha says:

    Damn playa!

    So, if you have a side chick…what are you to her?

    • Thats a good ass question. Depends on the situation I would say.. Usually to a side chick, she takes what she can get… So that person would be her main. But then it gets sticky. Thats why I said be honest and don’t tolerate bullshit. ‘Cause when I was a side, she was my main… and I looked stupid!

      • Justa Notha says:

        Well that was your mistake–as for me, unless you pay my bills, if I’m the French fries you the coleslaw!

        Don’t fool ya self if you treatin your chick like a side, she’s doing the same thing with you!

        That’s why I wanna be done with the whole ugly game!

  2. D says:

    Lmao! That was really funny to me, except the part when you got hurt. Sorry bout that. But I had a similar situation with a side without the hurt, well kinda. We were friends for a while and when she and her girl were on their off period, I was her rebound. She was also mine. I had just ended a four year relationship. At first, we were strictly sex only then feelings got attached. I wouldn’t kiss her, but what’s sex without kissing? After many sexssions, she ended up in my bed the morning after. We had intellectual conversation and she even took me to her parents house, introducing me as her “friend”, which was the truth. We ended up cutting each other loose after she told me she loved me and I “made love” to her. YIKES! of course I didn’t say it back, but I was a little frazzled by her saying it. The last time we slept together, she came after work, we seduced each other, did our thing and said our good-byes. I had gotten used to her late night calls saying she was on her way over. I knew we were sides for each other, but this one felt different. Those three words that she mumbled during sex allowed me to see that we had played that game too long. I was pissed that I was gonna miss out on that amazingness she carried between her legs, but was cool with it because I knew she was going back to the person she really loved.

    From that, I too learned to never kiss, make sure they leave after the sexssion is over and meet them only in one place, the bedroom!

    Good post!

    • Thanks for your reply. I told that particular female I loved her too. She told me it back, but looking back she ain’t wanna say that shit. I didn’t love her. She didn’t love me. We were convenient and it was lust at best. We use that L word when a good nut is busted. Can’t do that tho!

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