Separation of Church and State

Hi sweeties, thanks for being patient. Very busy with finals and all… I’m over this academic shit. I enjoy learning, but clawd.. I’ve been mulling around this post’s topic in my head for the past couple of days. Today I tweeted a bit about this country’s Christian influence in government…

So, this country was founded on many principles. We don’t have time to go thru all of them, but we will explore separation of church and state today. The founding fathers didn’t want the church’s influence on the government (like it was in the mother country). They wanted freedom from that right?

Well, like many principles of this country, Separation of Church and State is just rhetoric. The principle has rarely been applied in legislation. I don’t know the numbers and I’m not even sure if this is a mostly Christian country anymore, but there are lots of Christian Conservatives in power that are making this whole process counter productive.

The issue is you can’t serve ALL of the people if we base all legislation on Christian belief. Everyone isn’t Christian. Some Christians are against Homosexuality, unfortunately those are the ones in power and same-sex couples still can’t enjoy rights that the Constitution says are theirs. If we take away people claiming that homosexuality is a ‘sin’ then there’s no reason to deny people those rights.

Also, we wouldn’t have to discuss abortion. Catholic people are like totally against that shit, which is cool. But not everyone is Catholic and as someone who isn’t I shouldn’t have to adhere to Catholic rules and beliefs. Catholics don’t believe in contraception either, and i’m really not advocating for taking condoms off the shelves. Once we take away the Christian influence from the Abortion argument, there’s no reason not to give these women (OF ALL RACES!!!!) the rights to their own bodies.

Third, Conservative Christians use that label to other-ize people and then take that and justify their mistreatment of certain groups. For example, Muslim citizens are marginalized because of terrorists… nobody has taken the chance to learn about the practice of Islam and realize that they are a very peaceful people and that terrorists are terrorists regardless of their religious affiliation. Not to mention, I know more Christian Terrorists than Muslim ones.

In conclusion, the whole system needs a makeover, but truly adhering to the principle of Separation of Church and State would benefit many marginalized people. I’m a Christian, but I realize that everyone isn’t and those people deserve the same privilege that I enjoy.




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