Herman Cain aka “This nigga”

Greetings, kids. As promised I’ll contribute something every Wednesday… I’mma discuss Herman Cain’s ass because he entertains the hell outta me and he won’t take long as I have studying to do.

The fifty eleventh woman has come forward and says she has had an affair with him. Now, if 2 women accuse you of sexual abuse, they could just be hating and plotting ya downfall.. But when 4 or 5 from different areas of the country come forward, you deflee been smashing. These women just can’t keep coming forward and you just can’t keep denying it, bruh. You a nigga with money, I’m sure the poon was getting thrown at you on the regular… you were catching it… and your wife knows, but she’s just staying for the money or something.

This would all be an issue if the nigga was running a good campaign. I think its an insult to the party and the American people that this dude is running. He doesn’t know how the Government works and he doesn’t know shit about foreign policy. Not to mention, he’s arrogant as hell.

Barack Obama’s in the white house, yall gotta come harder than Rick Perry not knowing what programs he wants to cut, Michele Bachman saying black people had a better family structure during slavery and Herman’s dough tossing ass calling Libya “Lydia”… Who the hell is Lydia..

Alright, yall. Back to studying. More topics to come during the break. Peace



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