Racism at Makers Mark

I’m pretty racially insensitive. I chalk it up to being a black woman under attack all the time. Well, I call myself racially insensitive but I’m quick to point out when something’s racist. So maybe I’m racially sensitive.

I live in Louisville, KY. I frequent 4th street live. I was at Maker’s Mark on Saturday. A friend of a friend was Djaying there. I notice that all the white female employees were dressed as ‘Indians’… I noticed the ‘thanksgiving theme’ when a dude was behind the bar dressed as a turkey and a waitress was dressed as a (VERY SEXY) pilgrim.

“How racist.” I thought with my cranberry and vodka in hand… I got on myself and maybe thought ‘maybe i’m being too sensitive’…It’s Saturday night, loosen up and have fun… but thats just the thing.. By loosening up and having fun the racism goes un-addressed and therefore tolerated.. So, as I was leaving the bar, I pulled a black male employee to the side and told him that employees dressed up as “indians” was a bit offensive.

He didn’t get it.

I told him it was racially insensitive.. he said “how?” I was high and tipsy. I couldn’t explain and he needed way more guidance than I was available to give. The thing is, I doubt anyone can properly discern whether or not a Native American was in the bar… therefore, how do you know who you’re offending? They know better than to dress up making fun of Blacks or Jews cause you can easily point those out.. but someone with Native American blood may not look how we think a Native American looks.. For example, the woman I was named after was a Blackfoot. But you’d look at me and see a black girl… my little brother’s great grandmother is a Cherokee, but you’d look at him and see a lightskin black boy.

and that’s not even the point. Wrong is Wrong. We can’t keep tolerating shit ’cause of free drinks or good music.

But I let him know, and he’ll let someone know… and maybe the managers at Makers Mark may think twice by the time Kwanzaa comes around..

White people are so unaware, and I just wanna help ’em out.

What do you think?



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